Resolutions provide a route for members to propose that SNEB adopt a position, take an action, or endorse a policy or principles in a formal manner.  The SNEB Bylaws (2.4) state that:  Members of the corporation may initiate and submit for a vote by the membership resolutions regarding matters on which the members advocate that the corporation take a position or action or advocate that the corporation establish a policy.

An individual, group of SNEB members, SNEB Division or SNEB committee may submit a resolution for consideration by the membership. SNEB members serving on the Board of Directors or who are a Board Member-Elect will not be eligible to author, or be a signatory on, any resolutions during their terms in office.   

Drafters are encouraged to prepare concise, well-organized resolutions.  See examples of previous resolutions online. To make a resolution readable and easy to understand, authors may not wish to include every rationale or fact that supports the proposed motion.  Authors are welcome to provide longer statements during the comment process, especially if the topic is complex, to help assure that members can make a well-informed judgment about the resolution.

There are several active collaborations that need a point person to engage with the partner organization on behalf of SNEB. These are great opportunities to demonstrate leadership in an area of professional interest and expand your network while performing a valuable service on behalf of the Society.

If you are interested in serving in that role, please complete the form with a paragraph of interest plus your CV. Know of someone who would be a great fit? List their name and email address and the SNEB Leadership. will contact them.


  • Monthly one-hour conference calls/ in person meeting at AAFCS (attendance not required but encouraged)
  • Email correspondence re: agenda
  • Share with SNEB leadership how the Society can work to provide a consistent and strong voice for family and consumer sciences.

Nutrition Action Alliance

  • The Nutrition Action Alliance is a coalition focused on nutrition research, nutrition education, and nutrition monitoring/surveillance. The Alliance brings together nutrition-focused organizations to provide one voice on important nutrition issues of concern.
  • Bi-monthly one-hour conference calls
  • Email correspondence re: agenda

OAAA Weight Management Task Force

  • Attend monthly 30 minute ZOOM meeting and keep SNEB informed of activities
  • Participate in discussions about new projects of the OAAC and advise Board of those activities where nutrition educators have skills and expertise to contribute  (e.g.  Lunch and Learns on weight management, diet and osteoarthritis; surveys of patients and providers about patient education material needs)
  • Recruit SNEB members to participate in those activities.
  • Provide expertise on nutrition education to the OAAC, an interprofessional group of professionals interested in research and clinical care for osteoarthritis

All submissions will be reviewed by SNEB Leadership. 

  • Commitment to a two-year term appreciated. 
  • Goals for each collaboration established in conjunction with SNEB Board of Directors.
  • Plan to update the SNEB secretary every six months on collaboration activity through a one-page board report..

Thank you for your interest in serving SNEB as a volunteer for these key initiatives.

Please use this nomination form to submit for the following SNEB Awards -

  • SNEB/SNEB Foundation Helen Denning Ullrich Award for Lifetime Excellence in Nutrition Education 
  • SNEB Mid-Career Achievement Award
  • SNEB Early Professional Achievement Award
  • Korean Society of Community Nutrition (KSCN)-SNEB Professional Achievement Award
  • KSCN-SNEB Student Award in Community Nutrition Education
  • Nutrition Education Research Award  
  • Nutrition Education Program Impact Award  
  • Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Nutrition in Higher Education Award

  The nomination requirements are posted online at

If you have any questions please contact the SNEB office at 317-328-4627 or The SNEB Awards Committee will notify all nominees by May 1. Awards will be presented in conjunction with the SNEB Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA, Aug 7-10. Nominees are not required to be in attendance to be considered.

SNEB Foundation Scholarship Application - 2021
The goal of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior Foundation (SNEB Foundation) Scholarship Program is to provide financial assistance for recipients to attend the SNEB Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA, Aug 7 - 10. The number of scholarships awarded each year will depend on available funding.  The 2021 conference is being planned with both in-person and virtual programming. If you are unable to travel and would prefer to be considered for a scholarship for virtual registration only, please indicate that choice on the nomination form.

There are three categories for student applicants: Graduate, Undergraduate and International. The scholarship amount for the 2021 Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships is $500.00.  The International Scholarship is awarded $1,000, to help cover extra travel costs for those residing outside the U.S. Each scholarship will help students offset the costs of attending the SNEB Annual Conference.  Only one scholarship award will be given to each recipient. In addition to the monetary award, the recipient will receive complimentary conference registration.
Criteria for Eligibility
To be eligible for consideration for a student scholarship the applicant must be a Student Member of SNEB.  Student Members are: Individuals who are registered as full-time students or are actively working on a degree at an accredited college or university or are enrolled in a dietetic intern program.  Student status must be verified by having a faculty member sign the membership application.  Non-members can join at htp://
All applicants must also be at the beginning of their professional careers in nutrition, dietetics, or related field, i.e., they must have 3 years or fewer of professional work experience. Prior Foundation scholarship recipients are not eligible to reapply.

The goal of the Community Scholarship Program is to provide financial assistance to those who work in community-based nutrition education programs.  The 2021 award amount is $500.  In addition to the monetary award, the recipient will receive complimentary conference registration.
Criteria for Eligibility
To be eligible, the applicants must: 

  • Work for a 501(c)3 nonprofit or governmental entity
  • Work for community-based initiative that offers nutrition education or other programs to improve nutrition behaviors
  • Have worked in the field for at least one year

The application form and essay must be submitted by March 1, 2021.

All essays will be rated based on the quality of response to the question "How do you plan to apply what you learn from conference to your studies, research, or professional career related to nutrition education?"  The reviewers will evaluate essays on the following criteria:

  • Originality/creativity/innovation in nutrition education.  How is your research or work enhancing the field of nutrition education?       (This can be expressed by describing work you are already doing or  work you are interested in pursuing in the future.)
  • Ability to apply information from SNEB conference to career potential  How will exposure to conference sessions help you advance your nutrition education career goals? 
  • Ability to express ideas well and convey information clearly and concisely.

Scholarship recipients will be chosen by May 1, 2021, and notified by the SNEB Foundation President and Scholarship Committee Chair.  Scholarship recipients will be recognized at the SNEB Foundation Meeting and other Annual Conference activities/sessions.

All scholarship recipients are offered the opportunity to work with a mentor. The name and contact information for the mentor will be provided by the SNEB Foundation Scholarship Committee Chair.

Each year, the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior accepts applications for a Student Member Representative to the SNEB Board of Directors.  The Student Member Representative is a non-voting position and receives no compensation.  In this role, the Student Member Representative will:

·        Assist the leadership of the Student Division in order to provide insights and ideas on how to better serve existing student members and increase student participation.  
·        Actively participate in Board meetings  to help shape the future of SNEB
·        Gain valuable knowledge and leadership skills
·        Meet and work with leading nutrition education professionals
·        Participate in annual conference planning through assisting the Student Division leadership with student activities

Eligibility: Any student that has been an SNEB member for at least one year at the time of taking office, is in good academic standing and will continue to be a Student Member for most of the time in office is eligible.  Student membership includes undergraduate/graduate students and dietetic interns.

Term of Office: The Student Member will serve a one-year term from Au­gust through July with the ability to be considered for a second term.

Time Requirements:  
The estimated time required for the Student Member will be 40 – 60 hours annually, including at least two hours every other month to attend regular SNEB Board meetings via teleconference; one full day to attend the annual in-face Board meeting, typically the day before the SNEB annual conference and two hours during the conference for a 2nd meeting; sufficient time to study the agenda ma­terials in advance of the meetings; two hours per quarter for Student Division activities; one hour per month for conference planning; and additional time for handling other Board-related business.

SNEB will pay for transportation to and provide complimentary registration for the Annual Conference (AC) so long as the Student Board Member attends the board meetings before and after the AC as their term requires.

Air travel is limited to coach fare.  Whenever possible, travel should be booked at least 21 days in advance to ensure the lowest fares.  Mileage will be reimbursed according to the current IRS regulations.  Exceptions must be authorized by the President and Executive Director before the expense is incurred.   

SNEB will pay for overnight accommodations necessary for attending the board meeting.  This typically includes one overnight stay for the full day Board meeting.  A second night may be covered depending upon the timing of the 2nd Board meeting.   

SNEB will pay for meals while traveling to and from board meetings and for the meals not provided while attending board meetings.  The maximum reimbursement per meal will be based on IRS regulations.  Receipts are required.   

Notification: The successful candidate will be notified by April 15.

Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior