Volunteer - 

Below are opportunities to share your expertise as a professional nutrition educator although not officially representing or speaking on behalf of SNEB.

  • Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion is looking for future presenters to discuss how best to educate the general public on the “Make Every Bite Count” theme and understanding the nutrient density of foods.
  • The “Bake to the Future” podcast produced by the Grain Chain and American Bakers Association is looking for guests to discuss any nutrition topics.

SNEB Point Person - 

There are several active collaborations that need a point person to engage with the partner organization on behalf of SNEB. These are great opportunities to demonstrate leadership in an area of professional interest and expand your network while performing a valuable service on behalf of the Society.

If you are interested in serving in that role, please complete the form with a paragraph of interest plus your CV. Know of someone who would be a great fit? List their name and email address and the SNEB Leadership. will contact them.


  • Monthly one-hour conference calls/ in person meeting at AAFCS (attendance not required but encouraged)
  • Email correspondence re: agenda
  • Share with SNEB leadership how the Society can work to provide a consistent and strong voice for family and consumer sciences.

Nutrition Action Alliance

  • The Nutrition Action Alliance is a coalition focused on nutrition research, nutrition education, and nutrition monitoring/surveillance. The Alliance brings together nutrition-focused organizations to provide one voice on important nutrition issues of concern.
  • Bi-monthly one-hour conference calls
  • Email correspondence re: agenda

OAAA Weight Management Task Force

  • Attend monthly 30 minute ZOOM meeting and keep SNEB informed of activities
  • Participate in discussions about new projects of the OAAC and advise Board of those activities where nutrition educators have skills and expertise to contribute  (e.g.  Lunch and Learns on weight management, diet and osteoarthritis; surveys of patients and providers about patient education material needs)
  • Recruit SNEB members to participate in those activities.
  • Provide expertise on nutrition education to the OAAC, an interprofessional group of professionals interested in research and clinical care for osteoarthritis

All submissions will be reviewed by SNEB Leadership. 

  • Commitment to a two-year term appreciated. 
  • Goals for each collaboration established in conjunction with SNEB Board of Directors.
  • Plan to update the SNEB secretary every quarter on collaboration activity through a one-page board report..

Thank you for your interest in serving SNEB as a volunteer for these key initiatives.

Resolutions provide a route for members to propose that SNEB adopt a position, take an action, or endorse a policy or principles in a formal manner.  The SNEB Bylaws (2.4) state that:  Members of the corporation may initiate and submit for a vote by the membership resolutions regarding matters on which the members advocate that the corporation take a position or action or advocate that the corporation establish a policy.

An individual, group of SNEB members, SNEB Division or SNEB committee may submit a resolution for consideration by the membership. SNEB members serving on the Board of Directors or who are a Board Member-Elect will not be eligible to author, or be a signatory on, any resolutions during their terms in office.   

Drafters are encouraged to prepare concise, well-organized resolutions.  See examples of previous resolutions online. To make a resolution readable and easy to understand, authors may not wish to include every rationale or fact that supports the proposed motion.  Authors are welcome to provide longer statements during the comment process, especially if the topic is complex, to help assure that members can make a well-informed judgment about the resolution.

To recognize the excellence of our members’ contributions to public health nutrition, the division will give out research awards.  Awardees will receive a certificate and free registration for the 2021 SNEB Annual Conference! The awards will recognize contributions to public health nutrition research made by outstanding students, early-career professionals, and/or practitioners.

Only SNEB Public Health Nutrition Division members are eligible for these awards.  Members may nominate themselves or other division members. The PHN Division Chair, Chair-elect and incoming Chair-elect are not eligible to apply.

Application Deadline
All applications must be received no later than 11:59pm on Monday, June 28th 2021

Award submissions Requirements:

  • SNEB 2021 Conference Presentation Abstract (as submitted)
  • Describe  the nominee’s activities and involvement  with the SNEB PHN Division  (up to 200 words)
  • Describe the pertinence of the nominee’s  submitted research to the field of Public Health Nutrition (up to 200 words)
  • CV or Resume

Review Process
A four-member committee will review applications based on the following criteria:

  • Pertinence  to public health nutrition research and  programming
  • Rigor of research or program methods (e.g., adequate  explanation of  theoretical basis, study or program design, results, and conclusions)
  • Innovation
  • Potential  implications for public health nutrition
  • Involvement  within the SNEB Public Health Nutrition  Division

The awards will be in the form of registration for the 2021 SNEB Annual Conference that will be held virtually on August 8-10, 2021. The winners will receive notice of award by Wednesday, July 7th, 2021so funds can be applied to the cost for conference registration. The winners will also be publicly announced during the Public Health Nutrition Division business meeting that will occur around the time of the conference on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021. Recipients will be asked to briefly present their research during the business meeting.  Recipients will be provided with an awardee ribbon that can be attached to their poster for additional recognition. These awards are funded by the PHN Division membership fees.

For More Information
Contact: Tanya O’Connor, PHN Division Chair


Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior