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SNEB Vision: Healthy communities, food systems and behaviors.

SNEB Mission: To promote effective nutrition education and healthy behavior through research, policy and practice.

SNEB regularly participates in public policy activities as they relate to the mission and vision of the Society. By being actively involved in the conversation, SNEB can make change happen! SNEB and the Advisory Committee on Public Policy (ACPP) represent members' interests and positions nutrition educators to be the preferred providers of food, nutrition and health services. As a part of these efforts SNEB and the ACPP seek to recognize the efforts of others who are making a difference in the health of communities by shaping and promoting policies that promote health.

The Health Promotion Policy Award

To recognize the efforts of others to shape and promote policies that promote health or healthy lifestyles, the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior’s Advisory Committee on Public Policy sponsors “Health Promotion Policy” awards.  These awards will be given to individuals or groups who have significantly contributed to creating and/or implementing policies or policy-based changes that support and positively impact the food and/or physical activity environment. One annual Outstanding Health Promotion Policy Award will be selected from all of the bestowed awards from the year and will be presented at the annual conference. 


  • Awardees can be an individual or a group.
  • Individuals from government agencies, national and community organizations, academia, extension and the private sector may apply.
  • Must have a policy focus related to the mission and vision of SNEB.
  • Must have developed, implemented, or supported an environmental policy-based change that promotes healthy lifestyles related to nutrition and/or physical activity.
  • SNEB members as well as non-members are eligible to be nominated for this award.
Award Selection Criteria

A committee of at least three ACPP members will evaluate nominations as they are submitted. Nominees will be evaluated based on the following criteria, and one award will be presented at SNEB’s annual meeting. “Runner-up” nominees may also be recognized with a letter at the discretion of ACPP and approval by SNEB Board of Directors.

  • The nominee was involved in creating and/or implementing an environmental or policy-based change that promoted health or a healthy lifestyle related to nutrition and/or physical activity.
  • The policy or policy-based changes supported a positive food and/or physical activity environment.
  • The policy or policy-based change(s) has had a positive impact, or has the potential to have a positive impact on the food and/or physical activity environment. Greater consideration will be given to nominations where the policy or policy-based change can/has demonstrated some level of impact.
  • A collaborative process was used to assure success of the policy implementation.
  • Press clippings, journal articles, or other supporting material will be considered in the nomination evaluation process.